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Trends for 2018: Pharma’s Fantastic Four

27 February, 2018 | ChargePoint Technology

A Year of Investment and Outsourcing

As 2018 gets into full swing, we enter into discussions with other pharmaceutical industry experts in European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer regarding all the anticipated trends for the industry over the next 12 months.

The four big topics on everyone’s minds include technology, efficiency, serialisation and the movements across the market from outsourcing to acquisitions. In this roundtable, Michael Avraam, our global product manager discusses the expected increase in the use of wireless monitoring technology to ensure containment and support the influx of demand for high potency drugs and the biotechnology sector. This technology will help companies not only keep their operations safe and containment solutions compliant, but also ensure that the industry takes a more proactive approach to the management and maintenance of its programmes.

When talking about 2018, the experts agreed that current pressure on the industry relating to cost and time are forcing the focus towards efficiency improvements. They discuss the increasing role that automated systems will play in 2018, paired with the move to industry 4.0, which will be paramount to fixing the current inefficiency problems. To find out more, you can read the full article here.